Matthew 5:13-20


What sort of usage of salt is Jesus referring to in Verse 13?

Can salt lose its taste?

What agent can cause salt to lose its taste?

Who is supposed to be the salt of the earth?

If people that are faithful to God are the salt of the earth and salt loses taste, then is Jesus saying that people that are recognized by God can fall away?

If salt that loses its taste is thrown out, then what happens to faithful that become unfaithful?

What is the significance of being trampled under foot by men?

Who is compared to a light in Verse 14?

What aspect of a city on hill makes it so it cannot be hidden?

What purpose would someone have in lighting a lamp?

What is the effect of placing a lamp that is lit under a basket?

Why put a lit lamp on a lampstand?

If the faithful are compared to the light that comes from a lamp when the lamp is placed on a lampstand then what are to effectively do if we are truly light?

What does Jesus say is to be seen because of the light?

Who is to be recognized because of what is seen by the light?

What is the difference in fulfilling the Law as opposed to abolishing the Law?

Why is the Law of Moses spoken of in the same context as the Prophets?

What prophets would Jesus be referring to?

Did Jesus say that none of the Law will pass away?

What constitutes the completion of the Law of Moses?

Is Jesus, in Verse 19, saying that the Law and the Prophets is still to be obeyed by anyone?

What is Jesus referring to as the kingdom of heaven?

So those who are in the kingdom of heaven are to teach and keeps the commandments of the Law are greatest in the kingdom of heaven?

What does Jesus mean by teach and keep the commandments?

Are the commandments different from the law in the Law of Moses and the Prophets?

If we are going to teach Jesus as the Christ then are we going to teach as fact the Law of Moses and the Prophets?

If Jesus declares that He is the fulfillment of the Law and Moses and the Prophets, does this change the value of truth that points to the Christ within the Law and Prophets?

How would our righteousness surpass that of the scribes and Pharisees?