Matthew 5:1-12


What does beatitudes mean?

Matthew says Jesus went up on the mountain. Why would Jesus go up on a mountain?

The position of the “sermon on the mount” is commonly taken to be on the northwest shore the Sea of Galilee. The highest point in this area is almost 200 ft. below sea level and about 500 ft. above the normal level for the Sea of Galilee. Truth is, no one knows where this event occurred.

Why does Matthew feel compelled to state that Jesus “opened His mouth” in order to teach His disciples?

Who were Jesus’ disciples at this point?

Who is poor in spirit?

How does someone poor in spirit take a part in the kingdom of heaven?

Who mourns?

How shall they who mourn be comforted and by whom?

Who are the gentle?

Why would the gentle inherit the earth? Who does the world say owns the earth?

Who hungers and thirsts for righteousness?

How is their hunger and thirst satisfied?

By the time you see Verse 6 and understand that hunger and thirst has nothing to do with physical things, the same application should be made to the rest the verses here. Spiritual application is required, not an application that the world desires.

Who are merciful?

Why should the merciful receive mercy and from whom will the receive it?

Who is pure in heart?

Why should the pure in heart see God?

Does this mean that if you don’t have a pure heart, then you can’t see God?

When will the pure in heart see God?

Who are the peacemakers?

Of what does they make peace (remember, spiritual application)?

Why should peacemakers be called sons of God?

Who is persecuted for the sake of righteousness and how do they have a part in the kingdom of heaven?

Who would insult and persecute us because of Jesus?

What example has the prophets provided for us with regard to persecution?

Who persecuted the prophets?

Why are the people noted in these verses blessed? What blessing do they receive?