Matthew 4:17-22

In Verse 17 Matthew says from that time Jesus began to preach repentance for the kingdom of Heaven is near.

What time is Matthew referring to?

Is Matthew saying Jesus was a preacher?

Who else in the scriptures is referred to as a preacher?

What is the kingdom of Heaven?

Why would Jesus preach and speak of the kingdom of Heaven being at hand?

Is Matthew saying that “Simon being called Peter” was referred to as either Simon or Peter at that time?

What did the name Simon mean?

What did the name Andrew mean?

The brothers were fishermen and Jesus connects the offer of work to their current profession. What did he mean by fisher of men?

What could the brothers, Simon and Andrew, have understood by Jesus’ offer to make them fishers of men?

Did Jesus just say come follow me with regard to Simon and Andrew and the immediately dropped the nets and followed Him? Refer to Luke 5:1-11.

Did Simon, Andrew, James, and John see a miracle to persuade them to follow Jesus?

Did they hear some teaching in order to also be persuaded that Jesus was the Christ?

What does Matthew indicate the four fishermen left in order to follow Jesus?

In order to be fishers of men according to the Lord’s instructions, what do the four fishermen have to leave?

What was required of the four fishermen in order to follow Christ and how did they get it?