Matthew 4:12-16

What is the correlation between Jesus hearing about John’s arrest and withdrawing to Galilee?

From where is Jesus withdrawing and going to Galilee?

Why would Jesus go to Galilee?

Why would Jesus be in Nazareth?

In what region is Nazareth located?

Why did he need to leave Nazareth? What happened there that would motivate Jesus to leave?

Where is Capernaum? Where is the city relative to the sea? What sea?

What text from Isaiah is Matthew quoting in Verse 15?

What text from Isaiah is Matthew quoting in Verse 16?

What is the point of Matthew referencing the texts from Isaiah?

What people were sitting in darkness?

What is the great light that the people sitting in darkness saw?

Why were the people sitting in the land considered to be in darkness?

What did Isaiah mean by “shadow of death”?

How does light relate to shadows?

How does the dawning light, in this case, relate to the shadow of death?

What does the word Gentile, in Verse 15, mean?

What is the dawning of light in Verse 16?

If the area in which Capernaum is located is considered that of Zebulun and Naphtali, both tribes of Israel, why does Isaiah refer to this region as Galilee of the Gentiles?