Matthew 4:5-7

What is the holy city?

Why is it referred to as the holy city?

Is it still the holy city?

Where is the holy city today, since the resurrection of Jesus and the Day of Pentecost?

What is the pinnacle of the temple?

Why would the devil lead Jesus to the top of the temple?

Is the devil not sure if Jesus is the Son of God?

Why does the devil ask, “if you are the Son of God”?

What is the point of throwing yourself down from the pinnacle of the temple?

What scripture is the devil quoting in Verse 6?

Is Satan capable of knowing scripture?

Is Satan capable of understanding scripture?

Is Satan capable telling the truth with respect to scripture?

Did the devil quote the scripture correctly or did he change anything?

Did Satan use the scripture according to the context of the intention of the scripture?

Did Satan abuse the scripture so as to fulfill and glorify himself instead of God?

Did Jesus refute Satan’s reference to the scripture?

How did Jesus answer the challenge and temptation of the devil?

What scripture did Jesus use to answer Satan in Verse 7?

What did Jesus mean in quoting “you shall not put the Lord your God to the test”?

Does the scripture Jesus quotes comparative to or compliments the scripture Satan quotes?

Can we “put the Lord to the test” today?

How do you reconcile the quote by Jesus with Malachi 3:10?

If we put God to the test, are we show dependence and full confidence in His Word?

If we feel the need to put God to the test, do we have doubt and a weakness of hope in us?

Do we put God to the test when we have fear because our expectations are not met?