Matthew 3:13-17


Why would Jesus be coming from Galilee to see John? Where was Jesus from?

The preceding verses concerning Jesus is at the end of Chapter 2. How much time has passed since then to Chapter 3 Verse 13?

About how old was Jesus and John at Verse 13?

Why would anyone go to John to be baptized by him?

Why would Jesus need to be baptized?

By what standard or law would Jesus be baptized?

John says he has need to be baptized by Jesus. What would such a baptism of John by Jesus entail?

What is the “fulfillment of all righteousness”?

Who is fulfilling all righteousness?

What is recognized by Jesus in John by Jesus asking permission to be baptized by John?

What does Matthew mean by “the heavens were opened”?

What does Matthew mean by “the Spirit of God descending as a dove”? What does the phrase “lighting on Him” mean?

Whose voice is coming out of the heavens?

Who is claiming Jesus as their Son?

Why should the Father be well-pleased in the Son?

What was done that made the Father well-pleased?

Why is it significant that the Father states Jesus is His Beloved Son?

Reference Psalms 2 for study with regard to the subject text.

How does David show himself a type unto Christ in the context of Matthew 3:13-17?

Also reference 2 Samuel 7:8-17.

Similar wording is used by the Father to refer to another son in 2 Samuel 7. Who was the son?

How are the statements in 2 Samuel 7:14-16 foreshadowing of Christ?

Do the statements of Jesus to John in Matthew 3 relate to God’s words in 2 Samuel 7?