Matthew 3:11-12


Matthew takes the time to give the basic purpose of John relative to the Christ in Verses 11-12.

John gives a few differences between himself and the Christ. Why would it be necessary for John to do provide such explanation?

What are the three things that distinguishes between John and the Christ?

Should it be difficult to determine the promised Christ will be greater than a preacher in the wilderness eating locust and honey, and wearing rough camel hair garments?

Why would the people potentially mistake John as being equal to or greater than the Christ?

John says he is baptizing with water but the Christ baptizes with the Spirit and fire. Does this mean water is not a part of the baptism in the name of Christ?

How does the baptizing of John with water relate to the act of repentance for the Israelite?

Under what law does John baptize the people hearing and believing his message?

Were you baptized by Christ with the Spirit and fire?

Who does Christ baptize and how, with the Spirit and fire?

What is the winnowing fork of the Christ?

What does the threshing of the wheat in the barn represent?

In separating the wheat from the chaff, why is it important for the separation to be accomplished?

Why would the chaff be burned?

What does the burning of the chaff represent?

Why is the fire unquenchable?