Matthew 2:13-15

By what means did God reveal to Joseph they should leave where they were?

Where was Joseph told to take Mary and Jesus?

From where were they leaving?

What marked the occasion that they should receive word to leave?

What was the manner of their leaving?

The Greek word used by Matthew in citing the angel in the dream is pheugō. This is pronounced fyoo'-go. This particular use of the word is translated by most versions as “flee”. A select few translations regard it as “escape”. Strong’s says it is by analogy, “to vanish”. In other words, to go without announcing your departure.

When did Joseph follow the command?

Why would they be told to escape to Egypt?

What exactly, were they escaping?

How long would they be gone according to the angel giving directions?

Do you reckon this took faith on the part of Joseph to follow the instruction of Lord? What about Mary?

The death of Herod is generally understood to have occurred on March 13, 4 BC. The reason for this date is based on the writings of Josephus which gives information concerning events that occurred between a lunar eclipse and the Passover for the same year. Josephus related the death of Herod to the events narrated along with their relative time to the eclipse and Passover.

Matthew quotes a prophet in Verse 15. Who was the prophet and what scripture is being quoted?

And he was there until the end of Herod, that might be fulfilled that spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying, "Out of Egypt I have called My Son."

When did God call a son out of Egypt?

Who did God call out of Egypt and when?

God made known to those whom He called out of bondage in Egypt His covenant with them. This was God’s law for them, the Law of Moses. He also promised them that if they did not keep the law they would become slaves again to the evil nations around them.

Hos. 11:5  He shall not return to the land of Egypt, but he of Assyria shall be his king, because they refused to return.

What then is the child, Israel, a type unto as revealed by Matthew?

If the giving of the law for Israel is by Moses and the prophets like Elijah are the preachers, and Jesus represents both a law giver and preacher, then who is the receiver of the law of Christ?

What is Israel a type unto in the case of their rejection of the law?