Matthew 1:18-25

What does it mean that Mary was betrothed to Joseph?

Why does Matthew refer to Joseph as a righteous man in the context of Verse 19?

Why would Joseph send Mary away secretly?

Was it normal for God to send messages by way of angels in peoples’ dreams?

Who was Joseph’s father according to Verse 16? Why does Matthew refer to David as Joseph’s father?

Why should Joseph be afraid to take Mary as his wife?

Are we told how the conception that is of the Holy Spirit occurs? Is this important?

How does the creation of Jesus as a human parallel the creation of Adam as a human?

What does the name Jesus mean?

Of what language is the name Jesus?

What is the name Jesus translated to Hebrew?

What prophetic text is being quoted in Verse 23?

What name did the prophet say would be given to the prophesied child?

What are the principle difference(s) between the woman of Isaiah 6 and Mary?

What does Immanuel mean?

Is there a conflict in the prophecy saying the name of the child would be Immanuel and the angel telling Joseph the name shall be Jesus?

How is Joseph a good example to us?

Did Joseph need to be strong in faith in order to follow the command of the angel of the Lord?

Should a Christian woman who is eligible to marry expect the same faith in her potential husband as that shown in Joseph?

How would the community Joseph lived in likely advise him to handle the coming marriage and consequently deal with Mary?

How does the community advise a person desiring a spouse to judge what is a good person and an undesirable potential mate?

Should a Christian desiring a spouse look for a mate according to the convention of the community or according to the wisdom of the scriptures?

Matthew states that Joseph and Mary did not have marital relations until after the birth of Jesus. That makes Jesus the oldest child in the family. What were the issues related to the birth of the first-born son?

Could the fact that Joseph’s first son was not conceived by Joseph make his decision to follow the command of the angel of the Lord harder?