Proverbs Chapter 2              Wednesday                     January 31, 2018





Some definitions:

Perceive-to grasp mentally;  to become aware of by the five senses.

Discern-to separate a thing or meaning from another or others. 

 Understand-to get or perceive fully or clearly what the meaning of or grasp what is meant by.

Knowledge-the act or fact of knowing; all that has been perceived, learned.

 Wisdom-the power of judging rightly and following the soundest course of action. 

Discreet-caresoundest t what one says or does;  prudent; purposeful.

Prudent-careful of excercising sound judgment in practical matters.

Source: Websters New World Dictionary



Verses 1-5

A fathers instruction and advice for the son that he might walk in the way of good men and keep the paths of righteousness.

There are three "ifs" and two "then" statements in these first nine verses. The "ifs" are prerequisites for the desirable conditions stated in the verses 5 and 9, the "then" statements.

 Vs. 1-2 "First IF": receive words; make my commandments valuable to yourself so that wisdom and understanding are in your thoughts continously.

V. 3 "Second IF":  cry out for the ability to know the difference of good and evil and lift your voice for understanding. CONSIDER Solomon in 1Kings 3:8-9.

 V. 4 "Third IF": make wisdom and knowledge the single most important focus of your life. Read Matthew 13:44ff.

V. 5 "First THEN": THEN THE SON WILL DESCERN the FEAR OF THE LORD which is the goal for mind and deeds. See 1Kings 3:9f or the use of discern and understanding wthin this context. The emphesis  is the ability to sort out, or find the difference between God's truth and the deceitful words and practices of men.

And he will discover the knowledge of God. Paul statesthat his brethern are zealous for God but the lack of knowledge causes them to pursue their own rightousness. See Romans 10:2. Humans are unable to serve God except He reveals His will to them. Read Daniel 9:22-23 and Exodus 36:1. 

V 6-8  God establishes the law; preserves the way of righteousness; protects the saints; and His covenant remains in force until its appointed conclusion.

V. 9  The "Second THEN": Discern is to separate a thing or meaning from another or others. Considering Proverbs 1:3, this is the third goal for this epistle. 

Vs.10-11 These attributes allow one to approve of God's righteousness purpose mentally to conform to His righteousness.

Verses 12-19 describe two evil and sinful practices that are condemned by the law of Moses. A person is delivered from the condemnation of sins as Rebuen delivered Joseph from being killed by his brothers. See Genesis 37:21-22.

V. 12 deliver fromthe way (road) of evil

          Vs. 13-15 from men speaking, walking, delighting in doing evil;                           rejoicing in perversity; walking crooked (distorted) paths and are                     devious in their ways.

 V. 16 deliver you from strange women, the adulteress

          V.17 flatters with her words; leaves her husband; forgets the covenant

          V. 18-19 her house sinks down to death; her tracks lead down to the                dead; you never reach the path of life. See Leviticus20:10.

 Verse 20 connects back to the thought in verses 10-11; that as the son matures, he realizes that faith and service to the God of Abraham and Jacob brings prosperity to him and keeps him from sin. Notice this maturity in Joseph as he deals with Potipher's wife as related in Genesis 39.

          Genesis 39:7 the temptation begins

          V. 10 Joseph's refusuals and why; such is a great evil sin against God.

           V. 13-18 the wife's web of lies. 

           V. 21 the Lord's favor continues. 

Vs. 20-21 so that, walk in the ways of good men and keep to the paths of righteousness; for the upright will live in the land and the blameless will remain in it.

Read Hebrews 11:6.

V. 22 For the wicked and the unfaithful (transgressors) will be cut off an uprooted from the land.