Matthew 3:1-6


What does Matthew mean by “in those days”?

How could preaching in the deserted places very effective?

Is this an effective example for us; preaching in the desert?

How will people hear the preaching if John is preaching in the deserted places of Judea?

By what law would the people hearing the preaching repent? In other words, with respect to what law would they repent?

To what kingdom does John refer?

What does John mean by saying the kingdom is near?

Matthew quoted a prophet in Verse 3. Who was the prophet and what verse is he quoting?

What does “prepare the way of the Lord” mean?

What does “make His path straight mean?

Why does the messenger of God wear camel’s hair with a belt of leather and eat locust and wild honey?

What does Matthew mean that Jerusalem and all Judea went out to John? 

Did all the people go to John?

What is the “neighborhood of Jordon”?

Why would John baptize the people since this is a few years prior to the apostles preaching on Pentecost?

What would that baptism look like?

By authority were they baptized? Or, by what law were they baptized?

By what rule, or law, were they confessing their sins? Sins according to what law?

What was the subject of John’s preaching if the people were being baptized and confessing sin?

How does John relate to 1 Kings 1?

What should the people hearing the preaching of John understood about John and Elijah?